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De mest komfortable og fleksible underbukser - prøv dem nu! Altid fri levering hos AJR!

Kendte atleter foretrækker AJR-underbukser

Flere professionelle topatleter fra hele verden bruger AJR-underbukser for at opnå maksimal ydeevne, når de træner. Verdensklasse fordboldspillere som Arturo Vidal og Nadia Nadim bærer AJR-underbukser ved konkurrencer på højt niveau, såsom Champions League og landsholdskampe.

Arturo Erasmo Vidal Pardo (commonly known as Arturo Vidal) is a Chilean footballer who from 2020 will play as a midfielder for Italian Inter Milan. He has played for FC Barcelona from 2018 to 2020, where he joined from the German big club, FC Bayern Munich.

Arturo Vidal, Inter Milan - Seria A

My name is Enock Poulsen I’m a professional boxer. I love wearing the AJR underwear because they are great to wear during training and combat. The comfort is super good, especially when I move around it feels good and flexible to wear compared to other underwear.

Enock Poulsen, Professional boxer (European Champion 2022)

This AJR underwear is pretty cool and I love to support this project.

Nadia Nadim, Danish women’s national team

I have started using AJR underwear for matches, in fact they are so comfortable that I also use them for everyday use. I'm a goalkeeper when I jump and move a lot from side to side it just feels completely unique to wear some underpants, which just fits me well and I can definitely recommend you AJR underwear.

Mande Sayouba, OB - Superliga - Ivory Coast National Team

I love wearing AJR underwear they are so very comfortable that I use them for matches and everyday. I have given them to my father several times and he loves them just as I do.

Wessam Abou Ali, Vendsyssel FF

After I started hearing good things about AJR underwear, it was my turn to try them. I definitely think the comfort and flexibility are some of the best underpants I ever had. I love using them, and look forward to getting more of the AJR products home.

Anis Slimame, Brøndby IF - Superliga - Tunisia National Team

I am an ambassador for AJRcollection® and the reason I am it is because I think it is a really cool project and that I can use underwear that solve my problems in a match.

The underwear is so comfortable that I have changed cycling/base layer shorts out with AJRcollection® underwear.

Jonathan Kemdee, OB - Superliga - Thai national team player

The first time I used the AJR it felt like I wasn't even wearing any underwear. They are so nice and have a great design and I love using them in my busy days. The comfort, fit and the unique cotton fabric just make them so delicious to wear while having the best flexibility stretch when I move.

Tarek Zayat, Actor SHORTA - Viaplay Serie

When I train and play matches I wear AJR underwear. They are very comfortable on and off the pitch. I'm happy to be a part of AJRcollection®.

Gift Links, AGF - Superliga

The flexibility of the underwear is really good, especially when I move from side to side and when you have to react quickly. I love them, and I wear them to all my matches, and I look forward to following them in the future if there are more unique products, like these nice underwear.

Dey Subhankar, Badminton World Best - Top 30

This is seriously the best underwear I ever had, I love it so much. They are really comfortable and I use them for everyday life and when I play matches for my national team and Superliga. AJR underwear have the best fit in the market.

Mikael Anderson, AGF - Iceland National Team

When I stand in front of world stars and have to perform at the highest level, it's good to wear some underwear that do not bother me while I’m playing.

Nikolai Baden, Vitesse - latest a Juventus player

AJR er et moderne internationalt brand

Vores produkter er designet med udgangspunkt i vores kunders høje forventninger til kvalitet, funktionalitet og design. Ved at tage udgangspunkt i materialer af høj kvalitet, er vi i stand til at levere et perfekt og komfortabelt produkt med en helt unik materialekombination og pasform.

De mest komfortable og fleksible underbukser


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