About us

Make your life more comfortable

AJRcollection® was founded in early 2018 by Trinity Sports Management., Ltd. in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Designed in close collaboration with AJR-production Textiles in Hong Kong, a high-quality textile-based manufacturing. The company and other partners specialise in the manufacture of a wide range of consumer goods. The fabric used in our production is made of 94% cotton stretch, 6% spandex and 180 gram fabric, resulting in an athletic fabric blend that completes the luxurious feel of the underwear.

AJRcollection® is a modern international brand and lifestyle concept with a broad appeal to boys and men all over the world.

The designs are made to meet the high expectations of our customers, focusing on quality production and creating trends within the market. By incorporating high quality materials into the production of the underwear, we are able to deliver a perfect, comfortable product with a unique soft-touch fit.

Originating in Denmark and Thailand, Art Lakhampui Jr. aims to create products that help athletes and general consumers feel comfortable in their #AjrUnderwear.

You can brand the #AjrUnderwear collection with the same passion Art Lakhampui Jr. shares for his vision and active lifestyle.